BACTIM® ENDOFIX technology is a unique technology based on Penibacillus polymyxa microorganisms that penetrate inside plants (regardless of species) and provide them with additional nitrogen directly from the air.

BACTIM® ENDOFIX provides the plant with nitrogen in the form of easily assimilable ammonium ions (NH4+) throughout the growing season, from the moment of application until harvest, even under conditions that make it difficult to absorb this component from the soil. As a result, we eliminate (or reduce) the nitrogen deficiency that occurs during the season, maximizing yield potential and increasing plant vigor and health.

The major beneficial effects of using BACTIM® ENDOFIX are:
  • effective binding of atmospheric nitrogen directly in the plant throughout the growing season – from the moment of application until harvest
  • improved plant nutrition, vigor and health
  • increased yield quantity and quality
  • dffectiveness in any crop, regardless of site parameters (soil pH, fertility, fertilization technology)
  • can be used in combination with foliar fertilizers and most agrochemicals


Paenibacillus polymyxa
at least 108 cfu/ml

Nitrogen supplied by BACTIM® ENDOFIX is not included in the nitrogen fertilization balance, and thus does not limit N fertilization

BACTIM® ENDOFIX is approved for use in international organic farming in accordance with regulation (EU) 2018/848 and is listed at

BACTIM® ENDOFIX is effective:


Cereals tillering – beginning of flowering Application: foliar spray
Single dose: 400 ml/ha 
Number of applications: 1-2 times during the growing season The treatment is best carried out in the morning, at temperatures between 5–25 °C
Apply the product to plants that are not under stress conditions (cold, drought, damage caused by plant protection products). In a tank mix with other agrochemicals, add BACTIM® ENDOFIX  last. Do not use in combination with copper fungicides.
Oilseed rape leaf development – beginning of flowering. 1-2 applications every 28 days
Maize 4-8 leaves unfolded
Sugar beet 4-8 leaves unfolded – beginnig of crop cover
Cucurbit and nightshade vegetables leaf development – beginning of flowering
Brassica, onion and root vegetables leaf develompent – beginning of development of harvestable vegetative plant parts
Potato leaves and stem development – beginning of flowering
Fruit trees, berry bushes, grapevine Inflorence buds swelling – beginning of flowering