BACTIM® NITRO+ is a unique bioproduct intended for enriching Urea Am monium Nitrate Solution (UAN) with a beneficial microbial component.

Application of BACTIM® NITRO+ improves supply of plants with phosphorus, zinc and silicon. Bacteria Bacillus spp., contained in the product, effectively solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorus, zinc and silicon in soil. That process increases the content of plant available forms of these elements in soil, which can be used by plants.


Bacillus spp.
at least 5 x 108 cfu/mL
Bacteria Bacillus are derived from natural environment.
BACTIM® NITRO+ does not contain genetically modified microorganisms.

BACTIM® NITRO+ - benefits:

Better utilization
of nitrogen from the applied UAN

Better supply
of plants with phosphorus and zinc

Higher content
of plant available silicon in the soil

High cellulolytic
and ligninolytic activity of bacteria

BACTIM® NITRO+ - effectiveness:


BACTIM® NITRO+ is intended for the use with all types of UAN.

BACTIM® NITRO+ is recommended to use in the amount of 1 L per 100 L of UAN (1% by volume in relation to UAN).

BACTIM® NITRO+ can be used in all application times consistent with the application of UAN as well as in all crops where application of UAN is recommended.