BACTIM® RADINET contains a set of mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, rhizosphere fungi, and actinomycetes.
It is recommended for watering seedlings, use in the production of vegetative cuttings, and in sheltered cultivation.
The product is intended for all plant species except for cruciferous vegetables.

The major beneficial effects of using BACTIM® RADINET are:

  • enrich the substrate with an array of beneficial microorganisms that stimulate root system growth and development
  • increase plant resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses
  • reduce seedling production time
  • reduce transplant stress


Mycorrhizal fungi:
Glomus spp.
Glomus viscosum
Glomus mosseae
Bacteria and Actinomycetes:
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Pseudomonas spp.
Streptomyces spp.
Streptomyces spp.

4,85 x 107 cfu/g

Rhizosphere Fungi:
Pochonia chlamydosporia
Trichoderma harzianum
Trichoderma viride
The biopreparation does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or microorganisms that are pathogenic to plants. The microorganisms contained in the formulation are obtained from the natural environment.

BACTIM® RADINET - mode of action:

BACTIM® RADINET - effectiveness:

Agrotechnical aspects of BACTIM® RADINET

  • inoculation of the root system of seedlings with microorganisms at an early stage of plant growth
  • easy application by watering the seedlings after transplanting
  • low dosage – 5 g per tray of Multiplat (in vegetable production)

Production of seedlings for cultivation in soil or organic substrates

Application timing: ♦ after seedling emergence

Application method: watering the substrate – dosage: 5 g/1.5–2 L water/multiplate tray 


○ Production of vegetative cuttings (strawberry, raspberry, ornamental plants) – in pots/multiplate tray 

Application timing: ♦ after planting in pots/multiplates

Application method: watering the substrate – dosage: 7.5 g/1.5–2 L water/multiplate tray (about 50 plants)


Plants cultivated under covers, in inert substrates or coconut substrate

Application timing: ♦ after setting the seedlings (cubes) on mats

Application method: watering the plants in cubes – dosage per one plant – 0.5 g/0.1 L water


Preparation of BACTIM® RADINET Solution:

○ Necessary conditions:

  • use clean containers
  • use clean, room temperature, water
  • protect from sunlight and drying
  • do not use at the same time with: plant protection products, adjuvants, concentrated fertilizers.

○ Steps to follow:

  1. Pour the appropriate amount of the bio-preparation into a container with water, maintaining the ratio – 50 g BACTIM® RADINET per 10–20 L of water
  2. After the biopreparation settles – mix precisely
  3. During watering, prevent the bio-preparation from settling – repeat mixing