BACTIM® VIGOR comprises a combination of mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, rhizosphere fungi, and yeasts. This biopreparation can be applied through various methods, including soil spraying before sowing or planting, foliar spraying during plant growth, and watering or fertigation for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, shrubs, and fruit trees.

The major beneficial effects of using BACTIM® VIGOR are:

  • improvement in nutrient and water supply to plants
  • enhancement of soil’s physical and chemical properties
  • reduction in plant susceptibility to abiotic and biotic stresses
  • increase in both crop quality and quantity
  • promotion of microbial activity and enhancement of soil biodiversity


mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) at least 200 propagules/g
BACTIM® VIGOR does not contain genetically modified microorganisms. The microorganisms present in the product originate from the natural soil environment.

BACTIM® VIGOR - benefits:

BACTIM® VIGOR - effectiveness:

Agrotechnical aspects of BACTIM® VIGOR

  • Inoculation of soil and plant root system at an early stage of plant growth
  • Product composition adapted to local soil and climatic conditions
  • A biopreparation for many types of vegetables and ornamental plants.
Intended Use: Vegetable and ornamental crops (except brassicas) in the ground, potatoes, strawberries, fruit trees and shrubs. Directions for use: Apply BACTIM® VIGOR at a rate of 4-8 kg/ha/crop cycle. The recommended single dose of the biopreparation is 2 kg/ha/application. Application instructions: The biopreparation can be applied by spraying the soil before sowing or planting crops, spraying plants and soil during vegetation, watering or fertigation of plants. Detailed recommendations for use of the product are included in the package.

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